You chose your wine, choose its flask

Your wine is a prize, a class of its own, a true work of art. We know. And we are presenting you now with a wine bottle to match. Can contain a full 750 ml bottle of wine, maintains exact temperature for up to 24 hours, is wonderfully shatter proof, and fits any type of cup holder. You will get two matching cups with sliding lids for additional insulation and protection from flies. Know your class. Chose a wine bottle accordingly. 


What to get your wine enthusiast?  Search no more. The set is packaged in an attractive box, making for a sophisticated, useful gift.  Get into their love list 


On the go? Don’t forgo. Canteen and cups have double wall insulation, keeping beverages hot or cold. Have your wine anytime, anywhere, and at the right temperature too. 

Long road trips, boat rides, bottle fits rights in. Jug fits every cup holder out there. Absolutely reliable, definitely convenient.


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