15% discount - next 72 hours,
with code FIGHTCOVID.

You have been on our minds as of late. Your safety and health are of our immediate concern, and we are committed to doing everything in our power to ensure our customers, employees, and greater community remain safe.

We are taking a number of precautions to protect those we are responsible for at this critical time.

We are scrupulously following the guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), so our products are readily available and delivered in the safest manner possible.

  • Great care is taken to constantly and thoroughly clean our equipment, and employees are instructed to increase handwashing and the use of alcohol based sanitizer.
  • A  fully educated team is ready to answer any questions about delivery options, safety precautions we are taking, and any other concerns you might have.


At the same time, we are making every possible effort to ensure the safety of our employees.

  • Emergency Paid Leave is provided to employees who call in sick, allowing them to stay home without losing pay.
  • Alternate work options are made available, such as providing company devices to allow employees to work remotely and modifying schedules to accommodate caregivers.
  • Medical Experts have been consulted, enabling us to do our utmost in protecting our team.
  • We make sure all of our employees are educated and up date with information, to help everyone stay healthy.

 At this turbulent time, we are proud to be doing everything possible to provide for our customer base and employees a safe and protective environment and products. Some comfort in an uncertain world.

As another courtesy to our loyal customers, we now offer a 15% discount due to the Covid 19 crisis. For the next 72 hours, go ahead and shop anything on our site. Enter code "COVID 19" at checkout to enjoy the 15% discount on your whole order.


Thank you for being a part of the Finedine family.