Italian Red Wine Glasses 18 Ounce (Set of 8)

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  • Pleasant Drinking - Enjoy the complete wine experience. Crafted in Italy with the original wine glass design. Drink like royalty, relishing each moment with this sophisticated wine glass.
  • Wide Bowl - Derive the most pleasure possible out of your red wine. Wine glass is designed with a wide bowl enabling you to easily swirl your wine, maximizing the flavor and aroma’s. Swirling the wine allows the aroma and flavor to emerge to the fullest.
  • Perfectly Designed - Laser cut rim is significantly thinner than the standard. When the wine reaches your lips, you will taste it fully without the feel of glass in your mouth. An elegant stem adds to the visual appeal of the glass, prevents your hands from warming the wine, and allows you to swivel it freely. The sturdy base ensures your drink remains steady on the tabletop.
  • For Any Occasion - Amazing for parties, dinners, Wine tasting, and special events. Makes an appreciated holiday, wedding shower, or housewarming gift.
  • Durability and Functionality - Crafted of clear, shatter resistant glass, this will be something you’ll enjoy for many years. Comes in a set 8, 18 oz each. It is dishwasher safe and easily cleaned by hand with soap and warm water.

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