Whiskey Glass Set - 14.¼ Oz Double Old Fashioned Glass (Set of 4)

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  • Unique Style - This 4 piece set of lead-free Double old fashioned whiskey glasses feature a unique boulder-like shape that’s gorgeous to look at and comfortable to hold in the hand. Made in Italy by talented craftsmen, this set is made with the highest quality sands and materials available.
  • Large Glasses - These 14 ¼ ounce rock glasses are great for enjoying large serving drinks; the width of the glass fits comfortably in the hand for a great grip and allows you to enjoy chilled with lots of ice cubes. Each whiskey glass features a unique boulder-like shape and design that beautifully catches the light.
  • For all Kinds of Drinks - Great for drinking whiskey and bourbon neat, all kinds of cocktails, fresh juices, sodas and fruit infused water. Or any kind of beverages
  • Any Occasion - Beautiful enough for formal events and fancy dinner parties, and durable enough for every day casual use; these glasses will surely be your go-to glasses for entertaining and daily drinking.
  • Easy to Clean - These sturdy glasses are have a wide opening for easy hand washing and are dishwasher safe for your convenience. Capacity: Dimensions: Dimensions: 4.14" Height 3.25" Width Capacity 14.25 Ounce.

Indoor And Outdoor Use

Enjoy drinks not only indoors; also while out to the beach or pool with a companion or for picnic dates!

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