Glass Mason Jar 16 Ounce (1 Pint) - 6 Pack - Regular Mouth

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  • Clear Glass - Each 16 oz glass mason jar (1 pint) is made of crystal clear, blemish free glass to ensure the highest visibility possible allowing you to easily see the jar’s contents and determine if they’re spoiled.
  • Great for Canning - Perfect for preserving and canning enthusiasts; this canning jar is shaped and sized for canning homemade pickles, peaches, peppers, jams, jellies, preserves, tomato sauces, salsa, broths and a variety more.
  • Great for Storage - Eco-friendly and reusable storage of dry foods and snacks such as sugar, rice, oats, flour, pasta, cookies, crackers, and candy. The metal airtight lid is line with bpa-free plastisol for a tight seal that keeps food fresh and extends its shelf-life. The jar is also a great organizational tool for any loose items you want to store in a rustic way.
  • Regular Mouth - A 2 ¾ inch diameter mouth makes it easy to place plump fruits and vegetables such as beets and tomatoes into the jar. The wide opening allows easy accessibility to the bottom of the jar for easy and thorough cleaning by hand with a sponge.
  • Quality of the Glass - made with high-quality soda lime glass that resists cracking and breaking. Our glass is dishwasher safe and microwave safe without the lid. this glass jar is 100% food safe and lead-free for healthy food storage and beverage drinking.

Multi Use Jars

Canning, Storage, and Meal Prep,

  • Store nuts, beans, rice, cocoa, spices or any dry food and raw ingredients, for easy backing or cooking,
  • Use to can with it. like jams, jellies, vegetables like canned tomatoes, beans, peas, pickles, peppers, etc.
  • Use these canisters to finally get your home organized. Jars are perfect for small parts like buttons, beads, Q-tips, buttons, and fasteners.
  • Prepare your daily meals in it for the whole week like salads fruits goodies etc.
  • So much to do. Just one jar...........
Product Details:
  • 16 Ounce Jars
  • 6 Jars
  • 6 Airtight Lids
  • Lead Free
  • Food Grade
  • Smooth Glass
  • White Lids with Plastisol Liner for Airtight
  • Dishwasher Safe (not the lids)

Anti Slip Bottom

Where your jar is staying stability is what you need. Rest assured your jar is safe, as the rigid anti slip bottom will remain steadily planted on your counter-top. No unwelcome surprises of finding your kitchen with spilled food and broken glasses through accidental slips.

Easy Fill and Empty

The jar’s great, wide opening makes it easy to fill the jar with large fruits and vegetables and even easier to get the contents out. Hefty veggies like cucumbers, artichokes, and bell peppers don’t need to be cut down much in order to fit in.

Airtight Glass Jars

The leak-proof metal lid keeps air and excessive moisture out, extending the shelf-life and freshness of food.

Fresher Food for Longer

A rustic, shabby chic way of storing store-bought or homemade foods and beverages, helping you to keep them a longer shelf-life and ensuring dry foods retain their crispness for longer.

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